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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Why can't I fail

Is there something wrong with that

I love you

hold me back from being all I can be

why can't you trust me

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I have to leave

I'm tired of being seen as the fean

You think you can change me

you think I'll never come to see you

once I leave I won't be gone for more than two

months are going to run together

and you will start to feel better

missing each other

will grow our relationship forever

never meant to severe

the love you hold so dear

fearing my sinner's eyes

broken in a ball falling through all

can't anyone see how beautiful this is

am I blind or did I see you smile

just collapse for a while don't follow

you might get lost in the hallows

tripping on a root making my way to your foot

kissing it with love more than what is done

so it is no more in my control

then it is under yours

he shines bright in my words

she stands tall above the all

can't you see at all

calling us by names in our dreams

tainted by my need for the same

can't ever change what I see to be brave

it is not the same as to be saved

you know I'm not following for that now

it turns to glass crash on the ground

shattering what you know best

it is less and less devoted to a note

that makes me float

but sometimes you just want to sink

now I'm really gonna make you think

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