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time to give up

on everything

turning out alright

too late for you to waste

my time in a simple thing

don't go blind seeing your design

find its time to die

to everything holding me

from being proud of me

I was handed to much

I felt like I didn't deserve it

now I know I'm even worth it

don't ignore my cries

when I find another disguise

learn from me

you will end up in a nursery

I'm already in one

so ride high in the night sky

you will see the sunrise

is much more beautiful

you can still watch from the ground

and see it just fine

don't look at me wavering

be one way or the other

will take you for a foul

not to be cruel

didn't mean to come off soft

was just trying to find the time

so not to rhyme but remind

yourself that is not worth your chase

just embrace what makes you disgraced

you'll see the worst is yet to come

and may never show it's face

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