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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

don't count them

they come to fast

so girl you havin' a blast

just figure I would fast

to catch a glimpse at your ass

then deeper into the past

am I falling to fast

catch me if I fall past

your stance on the moment

now is time you want it

I'm serving this since I was kissed

with death on the ends of my fist

should I release your kick

coming for my ribs

stick to your tris

stand up for us

hold hands with the crush

this is brushin' off every thought

filled with thus

we need to fade into trust

loyalty to nothing

is bringing back something

not so made of glass

but also not things

but all this just rings

but your team is leading

that is something from love

that is all we have in above

now flying over you like a dove

one we can make another shrug

now I'm broken

but not for long

now I'm chokin'

hoping to find the right motive

but you got to learn to sow

then teach others to do so

before you follow the wrong guru

some steal your soul

and throw it to the coals

what have I stole

I'm here till I am gold

now do you even want the goal

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