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Feet May Fail, God washes Them as well

hard to tell

if this life will trail

slacking off the main sale

-ing point counted as a

fake lunch

got to do some crunches

before I get those munchies

and start humming to Lusy's

beautiful beauty

lookin' like someone stumbled into me

after catching my disease

want you please take it ease

before you find us free

you will see us lose

our mind in signs

never really a sign

just what we aline

in our mind

so unkind

looking to improve my lies

from bad to God

he is a lie

no one knows their alive

without first making designs

I'll make you mine

made to fight

only the things known as right

trying to find the other half of my sight

soon we will be at the height

of that moment

leaving a big ol' dent

in the whole of the bent

pins that hold my hand in place

soon to be erased by grace again

never really finding your place in sin

instead, we win

without a thin margin in

between the large and

bent up safe

never in this place

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