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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

the earth dissolves

no one seems to care at all

I'm not that tall

closer to a whole soul

is this connecting with y'all

come over here

so I can purge my lips

of This innocence

free me from

this desire cladded

binding on my side

I'll keep on goin'

before I float on top

This layer

covering my savior

in rivers

hold the earth like hands

with unending fingers

stretching like cedars

may I see a little deeper

it's all too clear

I need a sip of beer

to compliment this fear

that was too loud to hear

can I get a kick in the rear

but watch out for that deer

walking with a will so sincere

this will end with a meal and some tears

at least we can enjoy the veal

eating babies is the only way

to eat barbecue these days

if that's what you think

you are bringing me to the brink

again and again without a sink

to wash my feet

now we sit and flee the moment

as a disease

but aren't we all

from the fall

tell me how to sound

not to be wishing for nothing

I'll end up bound to the sound

that is attached to my town

old James town is comin' back around

to fill out a harassment form

for taking it in the ass to much

not asking for enough

is that too much for you to purchase

this might help

before the welts set in

from this unheard of feast

on what would be known as pheasant

It's not all that pleasant

maybe I should help the president

before lent sets in

I must get rid of all this sin

tempting me with separate

living apart from you

you can call me a pirate

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