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For Everyone Hurt

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

stay on your feet

don't take the meek for weak

stay with me

I'll show you who is free

so many needs filled in freedom

the peace that comes with letting go

while you are in the middle of the rapids

just let go to the flow

understand that we must die

so all may live

I Am here

not for you to fear

but for you to hear

what I have today

is less than yesterday

for I am a mere fake

with nothing to say

and nothing to pray

because I'm This


to the melting frame

dripping from my eyelids

cleaning off my face

making me see straight

to the heart

searing pain coating our shins

at a constant rate

we stay still till it is healed

and all is real

if you are able to feel

everything rushing through your eyes

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