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found In Nothing

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

loving you leaves bruises

contusions and illusions

bill my brain but I have

nothing to give the same

lost my shame

found again in pain

kissed by your stains

fading through my shape

let you impress me with soothing love

unmoving love in a constantly

changing world above

in a constant state of flow

slow it came to find and sow

deafening to the man of fear

pull-in then away you spear

threw my hair strings

ringing ting me up any time

I'm here for you my

fly too high in southern California

or we could meet in this seat

filled up by heat-treated with fire

with the entire air-free bringing in deep

till I breathe the path you weep

throughout by my jeep clean sweep

no sin see melts into me

flee from my hands I can't see you again

I'm lost in pretend

skipping to the beat

I drop to my feet

in front, we meet

decide to leave in the night

far from my light open then sight

another hand on my right

holding me still in clips

I lean in to kiss her lips

I lost to her fight

found her at night

sound my name

she is gripping tight to pain

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