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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

so stare

don't take your eye way

I found a life away from This

too bad I missed that day

feeling late

at any rate, I came to say hey to grey

name up in faith

running out of faith

never felt so safe

if only you could read my grace

do you get what I say

it helps if you love her to

that's right next to you

are you willing to pay

so what do you think

is that worth your time

living life on a fine line

controlling what is decided

and what is broken

Know I'm here to help you focus

notice I don't fear your kind

maybe I'm not hopeless

can I just say sorry

I've found you in me

nothing truer than to see

as freeing as this can be

that always shows her marvelous face

adding to this for me

only me

why can no one see

that you don't get lost

finding your way around here must be stressful

if only you were less full

open your heart to us


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