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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Toss me that cross

you using it like Ross

now is my pride

the past is ending fast

where we going

I say don’t worry about the destination

we getting there

when there is here

listen to listening

what am I missing

finish your shiet B

to sad to read

pain is a part of me

farther than the

hand on my back can take me

fire lets us burn the first one

to find our breath in the second chest

you discover at the edge of your desk

don’t worry we dropping freedom

from our deepest most tempted being

can you see what scares me in your head

I can but this Is pure evil

beyond deceitful



releasing what is feasible

freeing my mind in matters

looking at what comes after

burning in the dark heart

is a star brighter than our scares

flying by our cars

is what a Life is worth

maybe not but that’s how it seems

falling in between the dreams

deeper I seem to dream

slipping between the seems

tide together with time

forsaken by the blind

gifted with happiness

for nothing is barring down on their chest

heavier than any other test

darkness is how they are blessed

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