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Fuck You (Trigger Warning You Might Be Offended)

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

you sick

you don't even know it

corruption is spilling from your teeth

do you even take in what you see

this land is on top my throat

you a mother fuckin joke

can you not hear either

hope this will induce some fear

from the few standing with you

I'll call on what you knew to be death

carrying you down the hole to rest

maybe then you'll see how blessed

the white man is in this fucked up mess

You don't need any blessing

you need a damnation

I'ma fuck you into next weekend

when my friends will fix this damn nation

you don't question its actions

you just let it happen

fuck you know about cappin'

let me finish my fast an

what the hell just happen

Violence got me on my divisive shiet

breaking your knees with my teeth

you'll be crying for a while

but a white man has nothing to fear

in a land of weak elite

oh dear

did you think this game was played fairly

no bitch this shiet scary

whites behind barriers

hoping they won't stare at ya

too late, they already barring their souls to ya

why can't you understand this man

we all making plans to take a stand

on top that bitches hands

till he's bleeding meaning from this sham

crash the plane headed for your train

bombin' you bitches once again

why you think you on an elevated plane

you on top like a dictator

looking like a dick head you damn faker

if you white you should die

just like I

between you and me

be here for the sake of a free life

without the pain of hype

coming from the white man's plight

sad to see your rule fade

but you will understand someday

that this is all for your shame

crafted from indulging your pain

hold on don't think the worse

you can escape this curse

let go of your thirst for that fame

train your self to see the truth now

this is just a call for justice

in a loop wow

can't believe you're finally seeing now

the totality of equalling the tally

my eye despise seeing this taking sides

there is the original sin

to divide

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