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Gender to the Henderson is Nothing to the Questioning

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

You don’t want to

here this

you want to

hear me miss

everyone needing me

Wishing I was witnessing

the wonderful festering of hope in deaths pleasuring

the one who is questioning

telling me to estimate

their right escapades

made to shatter and break

nothing will never fade

coughing up deadly rays

keep an eye on people who pray

maybe they don’t deserve to be saved

I doubt that in the worse way

still think I’m underra-

ted talkin’ them right to the edge

till they finish the pledge

that they gave under meds

it doesn’t mean anything to the rest

left of the blessed I find my chest

taking a kiss of that smoky grace

spaced with peaceful tastes

changing my haste

to a pace that takes you into a base

next to the race spinning in faith

my heart seems to start

I can breathe again in the dark

trust my heart is still a part

from the one thing I can always mark

it sits between all the stars

quietly counting that part


that I'm not

so far from the start

that no one can take part

in the blessing of a beating heart

this was beautiful before my scars

but now I have a bigger heart

one that holds no weight over me

I sit in honesty

leaking glory on the

foes of this ghost

speeding off to a heavenly host

escape with me into this land made of toast

wait maybe I made some toast

either way lets go

dripping from our swim in space again

can you get that smug off the screen

the smug you could have been

on my front bumper

while I was rushing for the cupboard

to the dumpster

trust me I'm a monster

coming up with fodder

for all these martyrs

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