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Get Off of ME

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

you feed and feed

eating what I bleed

stoved up trying to turn up

brokeback twisting my face

to a look without grace

but that's out of place

if only I could stop that

then what trash

do you think it would matter

more than that rusty rash

eating my feelings again

coughing along to the beat

hoping I haven't lost my grip

loosening to a point it slips

falling for your trick

slipping on some Trix

left behind

by those damn kids

sucking on a clip

thinking what if it slips

what if I dip

and run somewhere different

would you still be the same

comforting the tragedy

all around me

what I'm left with is me

for who caused all this

ending your rule on my body

till I finally stop and sit

think it's not that bad

then find it's all part of a dream

gone like steam

pull on my seam

stretching it slim

like a thin rim

round the barrel

of a gun smith's blushing bride

take your time

deciding I'm not your type

it's because I'm too nice

why don't you bake me a pie

with a cake in it


enough for a single sip

then back to the dust with you

run from me

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