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God We Stand on a few issues

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

not to be senseless

but you've been fibbing

about being innocent in all of this

you see what I mean

now you are steaming

wishing you had a reason

like me

you don't know where we are

and I don't know where I Am going

tomorrow will come and go

without a word to make you feel special

you shouldn't need it either

this world is special

without a devil

we still receive punishment

from running from him

knowing exactly where we are

in you, we are not

they who love

we are those that show

your pain through this high grain

making you think insane

it's the same thing

I was always looking for

maybe I need a pill or four

why because you feel sore?

coughing on my mom pore

her from the beer bottle

into a male model

still trying to stall

don't look for it all

in my fall

too cautious to blush

making sure I' ma ahead of the rush

here I sit only getting the crust

if I ever make enough

I' ma pay for all of us

no one gonna be hungry

no one gonna be lonely

we all gonna be homely

all will be humbling up

from there stumbling

into a marriage pulled by a carriage

watch me wreck it

so I don't fall

off a cliff

into the sea of dreams

desired by Me

deck him, please

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