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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

without taste

through no face

taken back in place

show me my faith

I'll show you my ways

they take my heart

I give them the rest

did not come to bless

I'm really stressed

I came to make amends but

I feel like a has been

I know we all feel this sin

taking away my friends

turned to ten frogs

jumping from the plane

do let them dive below my phase

is taking my name and returning it to grains

separated at the threshing floor

take my name to have my train

of thought-leading to thought

without a cause

I am owned by all

you are owned by all

we are owned by all

can't you see the fall

it is coming through waterfalls

collapsing in grace

coming back to you haste

to finish this day

rushing through all the things

finding a new phrase

turns in to a maze

stretching through my brain

taking away from my days when I knew what to do

giving to the days I do know what to do

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