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He seems Me

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Pull together my tether

don’t leave me ever

I’ve got you now measured

held feather feelings in the air

could you even care for my snare

trapped like a pair of shoes

money side beatin’ blue

not to measure the fool

pulling at my cool

holding to my pull

he stairs with love in his hair

breeze through my bare

open heart all is fair

taken from there was a little prayer

believing nothing is for her tear

open up the lines of course

force my hand do more

than me a QT

fell through your hands

long for more only be torn

to the pieces you see foreign

more in for the ride

give away at the knife

happiness in a kite

lightweight heavy plates

cleared of waste

a true treasure in the grave

the one unmade

taken in waves

I see myself going down in a blaze

forsaken by rage I only have today

even if it is taken away

it is still wonderfully made

in future dazed

by the clouds that were played

at the feet of her I pray

take it away

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