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high On the Right

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

sits my thigh high socks

lovely lace on her knees

she'll cut your spleen

with life to beam

can't you see these blemishes

feeding my devil to balance my angel

one can't be more or less painful

love into rain barrels

makes my heart seem feral

filled with tears of your desire

for more life built into the higher

level is unlevel even after heavy metal

I build up another several in peril

danger felt deep in hell

held forever in this prison cell

is the love we both share

more than what we both care

held in high esteem

from the two in between

love ever to clean

two pristine lakes, I flake

drop the debate you're my love today

no need for any other way

to clever you lay your snare

but miss both to severe

the love for a careless fair

never to be the same air

we breathe in different pairs

drop me off there

a little tight witthe cab fair

I saw you standing there

terror in my steer

fair dodge that share

pulling me in right there

catch you on my next step

watch the lecture might

be Electra

comin' to getcha ya

where are you going glue

I'm pulling I the cold twos

no fold to the side to side to

lie the lace do

face the pretty touch

not enough to be the first

only the last to touch

too much for my crutch

my fall into you

Is enough

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