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Hold steal

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

what is the deal

are we not real

am I trill

you won't ever find out

because it is a seal

stepping on my heels

well it is getting rainy

need to be handy

but me

like you

are walking the dog anyway

now I'm wet and grimy today

was just in a bath

till I did the math

we are all floating

none are hoping

that there will be something

that is all really nothing

what qualifies me

to make a change

are we teaching

our kids the same thing

yes but most of this

comes with it

the same grand

slam you right back

never had anyone

to catch my hack

job as a cog

don't sound odd

till you lied

to your God

you're on thoughts

are you not lost

come to think of the cost

five bucks at most

you think I want to bost

I am not the one for you to toast

you must focus on your hopes

and the part of you

you don't know

fighting back all your foes

all tho

you soon will see

that it is you not me

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