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How quickly You Recover

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

It‘s blinding

the sun with a wide smile

it’s hard to dial into the piles of trash

in the islands of your past

but they are lessons

fasting to find these messages

knowledge making them less

but I count it as a blessin’

the pain you use as a weapon

I sea

filled with me

deeper I seem to see

freedom coming from the singing

dealing with the pain that brings only things

this is from your inner beings

oceans cover my feet

but I still walk on to the beat

sticking to your feet

I’ll kiss them

then you will see how much

you can do such

beautiful things

origin of my name

darker than the frame

circling my white eyes

I tried to die them another

color is the same as my mother

shining brighter than light itself

what a beautiful fragrance I smelled

in the fields of hell

where our cold tears finally melt and the holy tainted by the old self

in a way the old hell

felt by all on earth is this prison cell


here your presents is felt

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