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I decided to write a book, not a particular subject. Just a book.

In high school me and my friends were hanging out at a Flash Foods in Dexter GA. It was our usual hangout after school. We would get our favorite drinks, sit in the back of one of our trucks and talk, but today I brought a little surprise for everyone.

I started smoking when I was in 10th grade, first of my friends at the time. Some people who joined our group later had smoked before, but I got the idea from my favorite artist CJ Topoff. He also influenced me to take a lot of different psychedelics. I’m not blaming him for it, I just wanted to see what it was all about.

It was different today, things didn’t feel right, but we went on about our business. We headed to a friends house and hung out there till we got a pretty big group all together. I’d say like 15 people, we headed to our usual spot. This graveyard, it was in the back of Dexter. It had huge trees towering over about 150 graves. A beautiful place, we had brought a nice ass bog along, this was gonna be so good.

We were down there smoking for a while, when we saw headlights pop up over the hill. We thought they were more of us when we first saw them. Then the blue lights came on and shiet went sideways. Everyone rushed back to their vehicles but I was the only one who had the weed. So the cops let all my other friends go but me and my best friend at the time got arrested.

Then the cop before leaving, opens the door for me and said “you just got a, ‘get out of jail free pass.’” He was talking about a robbery that had just been called in right down the road at flash foods, and they had to respond to it, but I know the only reason they let me go was because I am white.

I was smoking at night one day, now what am I?

The scenery around me turned to gears all turning in this huge mechanism.

A bright ball of energy was floating above it.

I turned to see two angels looking at scrolls.

On the scrolls were moving pictures.

The scrolls were stored in a wall that on top read “Ancient Times”

The energy start to pull on me till I was drawn in completely

As I arrived I looked around at billions of people doing nothing but standing still

They didn’t look happy or sad

How can we find happiness? I find it through what you might misconstrue as the truth. Belonging to two, but witch are you just going to take what you can, and blame what you can’t. Don’t cast your magic on me. I might be trapped till we see the magic of three.

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