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I know Your Alone

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

like I use to be

for what just happened

Am I ok

please let me know

this world keeps spinning

faster and faster

slow down where are you going

I keep thinking of my self in a different way

please help me see the light

I feel taken by the time

on a trip through the vines

let go of my eyes

they are taking me on a boat

so not to sink in hope

I'll have faith in ghosts

pulling at my throat

trying not to glow

to bright

it might get me fired

because I can't tire

when a co-worker towers

I say you are big now

but soon you will be dust once again

you all will die in time

and it will only be me and the lies

left behind by the sky

through which God replies

give me your freedom

say it against the rule of Lucy

linked to my need for grace

I feel out in space

deeply in place

cross over to the face

eating away at the images in my train

running down the men meant for trends

turns to a world of blend

what is a spin

that brings shins

to face the floor

on top of doors

left behind form

when I saw a lie that never could come with time

walking through the storeroom

made out of salty pain

quenching my brain for time beyond shame

in a land made from things

through with my name

is without a form

in form scripted

into the land beyond thorns

scorned by those whose wish for the worse

believing they were the curse

they are what comes next

through a path stretched from my grin

hoping to make a few friends

as I interpret the meaning of the things

sent to me from beyond the station

passed all the fakin'

I see bacon

cooking in the sun

crispy to the tongue

making me fill bad for eating the sun

lunge at the one

it turns to none

it opens to the one who sees the truth as fun

hard to say it without a dungeon

in your minds opening to all of time

let me explain this line

it turns out everything is in your hands

spinning in circles like a whirlpool

twisting into a toadstool

giving wisdom to the mistic

takes away from the fundamental pain

of the something over and over again

how may I serve you

let me get you some tea

for the time being

coming from the mind of freeing

strain out the haze

find the grave

covered in leis

stretch your mind to reframe

from changing the design

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