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I'm Mad

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Hold your breath

I'm gonna test how

we all are strung out on stress

anxiety took her meds

fuck what he said

she got taken for a foul

important to remedy the I

not we in between me

comfortable enough with you my beloved

to finally have my say in the

one and only me

filled to the brim with disease

please comfort me

the one who heals all disease

please comfort me

sacrifice your mind in time we'll see our


from the inside

take a look, what do you expect to see

is it crime

is it time

is it the worse thing a person could find

say it's not so

you're taking your fight

to the one that matters

this thought shatters

hope you lost the pride there

in that chair

sacrifice what you care

for something that's fair

false you are just me

tare my my apart flood it with sight

for how you write this for me

finding the beauty in it all

not to recall all that fall

to my say in this final chapter my

thereafter the right words don't matter

when you have passed her

on the way to the game

gone probably rain

who wants to reframe the same old thing

comin' in

out in a frame

of mind, that will have you spinning while you're flying

in the sky

don't stop now let them have it

fight back against this kidnapping

how you napping when this world is laughing

don't be crashing into the wall

its just time to recall

fine what lost from me

and find what you found in the one

thing on my mind is time

when is it gonna rhyme sign

to find out because I'm blind

to who you really are

you are just an object in my thoughts

far from the cross under the lost

you'll find me and the light holding hands

finding my flight risk

upon my wrist

don't be crass

I'm not speaking out my ass

I really found this

it's beautiful

to say the least, comfort my needs don't

let what you need

comfort me

sorry to see why you are laughing at me

faulty wiring put a little spice in me

the hot topic couldn't give me peace

at least not for the beast

in the forest controlling slavery

thanks to fakery

take what I'm saying

see how I'm playing

this isn't for the sake of me

and what I want

to take a nap

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