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Never Gonna Be: This is It

Updated: May 14, 2020

this isn't rap

this is me pored out on the fads

going around like a bad cold

show me what to hold

nothing worth the Gold

don't be digging

you might find my kind

don't need to lie

I'm with my wife

till the day that I die

When we first kissed

I thought it was worth my life

too bad, it is my life

no time to cry

got to convince you

I'm not a foul

but I am Golden

truth be told

I'm an old man

just hoping for more

then just some foundlings

preaching my sounding

like they know something

but really they are

missing everything

crash into your bookshelf

that's filled with doubt

no your not what I'm about

you're more of a sideshow

because you're in need of self-help

I am bleeding for my health

trying to make it

to the end of the day

sorry for this face

it's new

and untested too

just trying to be the artist

I know I am

no matter what you say

I'm singing

and letting it ring

in my enemies ears

don't cover your fears

as appealing as that is

it can't be sincere

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