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I'm not Above That

Updated: May 27, 2020

it's just where I'm at

no care except, rats

I forgot the hats

good thing I brought the cats

I'll bring them in sacks

made from rags

we couldn't use bags

didn't want to kill the poor lads

they mean the world to my dad's

brother Huver

who never hovers

he sticks to himself

and does not bother

so not to disappoint his father

but he laid on top of her

never moving but to talk to her

he could never get anything from her

except a beer and a lover

deep beneath the covers

can we please get some service

let me explain

I Am a bit nervous

shy when things are loud

but you are always around

the silence brings that out

flee from me so I can pout

in the quiet sound

I finally have reached the ground

of this town that sounds like falling crowns

casting them in silver and gold

to melt the mold

and break the cold metal

off the side of that cross

which turned into a scale

balancing right and wrong

is it finally time for a song

that starts this far gone

I wish you a long life at a safe price

just follow their prize

leading you like a carrot on a stick

realizing that is just a tick

then fall off the bridge

had too many DUI's

to be sliding right into that light

before you know what's right

you all are all

my type

so don't worry about my fight

because you are all on my side

no matter what lies

you tell yourself inside

I'll be here to remind you of your design

too grand to trade for your life

my God is you

my friends inside

my lies in time

will be turned into a rising

in the tides

that swallows all our pride

giving rise to a perfect dough

baked on the waves of the lake

never needing

a pic from a past mistake

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