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I'm so Cold

Updated: May 26, 2020

does no one want me

am I worthless

then this must be a test

I won't be pulled away

like the best

taken my interest

and ripping it two pieces

hope my belief pleases

so I'm not trying to make you mine

but your beauty is to real

counting all my thrills

covered in chills

sucking out my skills

threatening my feels

kicking it like my glass

just got a smash

through the hatch in my boat

keeping us all afloat

no one knows I'm a ghost

till you come to close

and see his shadow

in the meadow

at night

maybe it's not safe

to fight but

maybe we can unite

just for fun

and share a love so new

known to only a few

wishing for brighter hues in this

and what's about to ensue

my partners in crime left me for a time

better then what's around town

opportunity slimmer then Jim

frayed thin the rope of trends

dropping these things

the needless fetishization of lies

around our eyes

known as a window

it's more of your ego

go ahead blow

that chance to blow

a hole in the fouls

calling me a tool

I'm just a saw

you taking a fall

down the stairs

in my hair

can't think of why I stair

never tried to compare

my friends of sin

with what keeps winning

and sending me on a hunt

for much more than just lunch

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