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I’m Telling The Truth on myself and you doubt This Hell

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

how did you feel

when your friends came

did they cause you pain

but not in a way you can explain

it will never be the same


of the shame

I feel for your pain

can I ever become a better person

the stains just worsen

touching each nerve end

serving them

why don't you just die then

scratch that nervous shiet

let me murder it

the evil I fight is on your right

try this sight

you'll die before you see light

breathing in my pines

can you not come to close

I'm scared of ghosts

can I just toast

all those on the east coast

because that's where I stay slow

down you don't know now

she my only girl in the sky

praying to her light

her happiness is my delight

her smile is my daylight

beauty is my seance

seeing you awaze on

past all the hate on your back

can you please make it back

I can no longer think back

only forward

I make my way as a hack

cutting of the slack

you see now I am that

but this is still on glass

walking through the past

is nothing but a laugh

but then again only pain

can make me laugh

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