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I'm Tired of these Games

I want the real thing

not the same thing

all the pain in my same old brain

called according to his purpose

and worthless till I FIND MY WAY

back to the waves

in my brain

creating stories from the frame

might need new lenses

I ain't seeing to straight

for me to beg as of late

look straight down the path of fate

too ugly to pray

fugly in my high school days

now I'm on my same shiet

watching my language

so you don't manage

so we all don't turn in to savages

eating up all the cabbages

that bitch got a badge

run so he doesn't catch my mind

running to anyone who is kind

feeling like I don't deserve the fine

what's my line

oh yeah! maybe I do but don't know why

struggling to find a reason to get high

I'm already the sky

feeling so light

no one better be flying my kite

unless I tell you it's alright

breaking through to find

everyone crying

wishing I didn't

but I did

so deal wit' it

feeling it buildin'

coming to me in a stream

carrying my friend Shean

never finding a calm

but staying that far away

here's you's a psalm

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