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I’m Tired of This Song

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

If your anything like me

you know what I’m writing

there is this ring in my ears

that will never go away with tears

a song playing my fears

on repeat like a cheer

over and over they appear

nothing is sincere

crushing my expectations

they lay dead and buried

next to the car we are sharing

But some how you broke my heart

when will this fall apart

but I am always next to the start

cut my throat and stab my back

because I’m done fighting back

you will die anyways

everyone does anyways

I don’t have anyways

Forward I press

on pass this daze

why can’t I escape this purple haze

caught in the arms of praise

and the harm to the maze

confused about why I stay

this way

cut your tastes

add up your days

you ain’t got many left to play

stuck in after she woke with grace

same as the earths pay

nothing in place of a trace

left behind by your hate

we are still here

lying in wait is here today

never running out of pain

for your strange taste

now you just tazeing me for real

you want me to spill

it not like I know what ills

I'm just here to replenish your will

till I see your face as the grace

we all miss in her faith

never letting go of what we did

now is slippin' from my fifth

drippin' like that pain on the side of my face

brace for the impact coming back in tacked

but missing that can you find it for me

dissing your sorority

mortgage be a killer three

with the other bills you see

cut my throat

so I can see in front of my hope

clothe my brothers in the nicest robes

for I don't need anything else

cutting that belt

before you loose what is felt

don't die for my hell

it is never intact

it has fell to human hands

never know why I can't sell

my life to make bail

damn I can do that, hell

don't run after my tail

I'm the girl from the side

cutting throats on the low

taking over this ho

my bitch no

this is your place grow

I will turn into a better know

one that will change the very foundation

of this place of few graces it will be my station

now I'm just a crooked sensation

blastin the nation and your team with the truth

what it do

truly never newer than come thru

you are the only reason for you

truth will find its way to you one day

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