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I mean Really

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hands guide me to

the beauty to

be used for the glory

then you came along

and drove up the bar

for what makes A song

and what takes it too far

Most don’t feel like they belong

but we couldn’t be more wrong

where else could you long

to be

a willing slave

hits a little hard these days

it's just the same as

an unwilling slave

lord forgive them

for their old ways

blame it on how it was

but we still got em’ today

drop your pride Dave

you ain’t the best today

but Dave wants to explain away

whats on the low everyday

Staggering in a toxic daze

haven’t seen you in days

wonder how you are doing to late

I‘m on to another beautiful place

acting like you don’t know

my beautiful design in your throw

pillows at my head like I’m dead

from breathing in slower then

you getting to the point

but I’ve come to anoint

you because I have joints

and can’t live forever

in this body I coined

the phrase

no one knows what I’m saying

are we gonna live or die

beyond that I don't see a realler

of my tongue was made to steal her

from the mouth of the builders

you decide to heal her

I desire your feeling sir

I don't know when to hit play

it is coming by me in every way

designed the highness in the minus

sign that you need to run

before it all comes to time

never settling those dots on our soul

but I'm here to console what we have

and what they console

breaking the news over my knees

coughing on the all mighty

this might be a touch to rialing

spitting the shiet this silencing

this pain that keeps on swinging anyway

we come to see me play with my old ways

you are my old name

born again in time

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