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I Need A Love Song

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

there is this love

it is so sincere

Hope I didn't

make you


my dear

as I hold you in my arms

a smile reaches towards the heavens

we kiss and get the gist

my beautiful self has nothing

on your beautiful doubt


we are gonna be together

till the day this ends

and everything is made again

God must be tired by now

he keeps putting it out

taste her pureness

his forgiveness

their strength weakens

so I'll be catching up to the weekend

missing out on Friday because of a bet

together our fates are set

forever at rest

never collecting the anger

for my pride, it divides

leading to a right side

no longer in time

girl, I'm gonna make you mine

no need to lie

you the finest blessed

with more love than you can handle

I'm gonna gamble

you want to grip my fairy tale

with the grip of a thousand dragon fingernails


more of time slowing down till it rhymes

Gilligan, with his wife frying for their crimes

trying my best to test your fervor

reaching the lips of the savior

my lips crash into his majesty

without a second thought

I'm in or I'm not

this is gonna give me a blood clot

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