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I Thought

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

you loved me

but maybe you don't respect me

because I am those eyes

you are afraid to look at

I am everything you despise

everything you could realize

is behind your eyes

I feel judged

nothing I can

say can be taken

the right way

a black and a white snake

a black and white snake

follow me into silence

deepening the violence

in a mind of solus

thinking through

every move

every truth

blind me with you

I need food

hungrier than a loon

but I don't think I can afford it


I got a job but not much coming from it


I just want to live

but that goes against your plans

please kill me where I stand

I belong to your hands

I'll get there when it becomes a fan

stuck to the damned

I don't know if I can

help myself man

but you asking for a hand

get the hell out of my head

but we can have a dance

but we can take a chance

and give in to each other's arms

we run from the sun

but it arrives and now its time

for our love to say bye to another life

trying to extend the fight

doesn't seem like your type

but we can still love in spite

why so uptight

undivided by pain

now that’s true restraint

reframe the picture you stained

It’s beautiful that way

it’s just as beautiful this way

every day we are just waiting on our pay

God doesn’t take that away

I don’t think my family will make it to

another day

displaced by destruction

but how constructive

we have a chance to rebuild

and escape to new fields

springing up with daffodils

in the fall it chills the hills

summer the sky bleeds

winter is slightly



for the earth has a soul

covering the whole

the swell was over my head

so I road it in

then to bed

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