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Idle Eyes

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

lost in you

at the cost off two

I see through

mighty clouds

covering like a shroud

God bound

to kick some ass

kindly and manly

masculinity controls society

now they want to quieten me

so I don't fight with he

who talked shiet on my man


not even gonna buy a seat

you are coming close

to worshiping at my feet

trick or treat

trick or beat

me senseless

till I'm bleeding out my disease

feeling less old

a little bolder

maybe I will never

hold her

unlike my cries for help

take my pride to hell

and settle it deep in the metals

petal to the metal

slowing down to round up the devil

circling my doubt like a bat

looking to get its stomach pumped

then dumped out for all to see

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