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If Today is Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

what can we do but cry

give up and die

let go of the hand holding your foot

trip into

a world filled with life

got a miracle

for you to see

just keep reading

don't stop now

let it be

so bright it blinds my partner Mitch

so now I'm by my lonesome

smiling like I'm home

finding I'm not too far gone

after all

still in your awe

staring at my levitation

on this

soring like a winged fish

fling in the night

too bad we all must come down

face the reality of this mist

find I'm not that

is what you make of it

stay with me for a little while

at least untill I fall asleep

in the Christ Bride

says she is done with me

I say I'm to far gone

not looking back

to realize I'm all alone

although I feel so grown

and so with all

I'm still alone

knowing in my heart it is all my fault

falling for the same tricks again

following your things

don't take my time away from me

I don't know why I'm worried

time is all I have B

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