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Into The Sky

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Oh you call me lame

that explains a few things

this will clear up the rest

till tomorrow when the day crest

the wave collapses

smashing and crashing into my chest

filling with breath

the same breath that will lead to death

blessed by him stuck in a curse

blessed with hurt

digest the worst

to catch a glimpse at the thirst

for love divine

growing wild on the vine

sour to find it's trade taken away

you can be today

slowly it fades

till you sink to the floor

where peace finds you once more

then the gore pouring out my fort

hold it in as long as you can

stand up on my eyes

you can begin to see the lies

this is quite easy to ply

taken back by a sigh

thinking about tonight

you are far too kind

I'm not here to fight

I just came to delight

in your diet

everything within the senses of the light

and everything we know to be right

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