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Is For You but Dead in You

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Collapse into the sound of our lives played out

Loud music came from the man in the loop

ignoring the woman losing at her on game

blame my insanity I don’t know it’s just

without cause, it is us that holds the dust

such Beauty can be afforded with you


Not true

you the one reading

Christ is you

killers to the pain are true

how can we be

the life we see

not hard for the man with the key

unlisted by reality hide these from me

I'll see through anyone being

to take apart their form

and their feelings are what you are dealing

now do I seem willing to hear your killing

the joke that never ends with hope

for it has been fulfilled with his coat

a promise was hope for the life

tide to what is not right

how can one see the sky

black and white

I fight

cutting ties to your old life

I will take you beyond time into the presents

of my kind of life that kills me in time

right the ship before you slip

into nothing like me touching something

that is humming and coming through love

his eyes are above lifting him higher than the fire

eating all that is higher than the tire swing

ringing in the singing is what I am bringing

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