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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I've seen a gathering storm

one that will control what is born

a new day is dawning

and nothing will be the same

the pain will reach every muscle every fiber

controlled by hate giving way to love

divine love

the only love that can save us

save me

dazed I stand shackled to your side

wishing I had done it right

you said you loved me

then you said nothing

heartbroken I forgive you

to go behind you and stab you in the back

please, God, don't let this go unpunished

take everything I have and lend it to your glory

free from all the stories

the love of the forty

miracles come from his utensils

devouring us as we rest

testing my straight play

for the first in the race

I am unworthy

I am a rag

tossed into a trash bag

cover my face for I am a hag

I'm the worse thing to stand

God I am losing again

the plans you sent me

gifting the as the only being

take my life, Christ

make it in your might

I don't want to fight

I don't want to divide

what am I doing alive

God I said take my damn life

I can't take living in hate and pain

death and destruction

how are we supposed to let this go

the moment deceives me

playing back my crimes

till I can't stop crying

I am dying

trying not to

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