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It Hurts

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

What can I do but work

till my back is broken

and I can no longer hold it

for the glory sold it

and the fury holds on to me

I just want to love you

but you think I’m lying

I'm trying to get you to see I’m dying

can’t breathe in this lighting

I feel like you can see

the darkest secrets I’m hiding

now I’m drowning in a sea of only I, me

am I too deep for you to understand me

I just need help breathing in the pain of we

fall from high to die again and again

until I can’t pretend

I am only what you have been

breaking my past tense with a wince

I feel such freedom followed by grief

for when I see your face with that Greed

not caring for anything but for what you keep

treat me with a little respect but no who’s next

can you be the real thing

showing your presents inside of me

we can no longer hold to our worst

scared of this shower

it‘s just to lose the cowards

everyone is foam on top of a wave

beautiful but bound to pop

can we hold the arm of another and run

deep into the woods to escape what we should

not hold to our love l let it go like a dove

kissing the breeze then letting your innocence go

blow in my head the devil is still bleedin' from the wrist

distant I see you coming with the kiss of bliss

that doesn't exist in this list of the fist

holding me to that kiss that ended that tick

around the clock slip in with the love you miss in

still trackin'

with this stitch up the black with some white shiet

end my life then I've been meaning to see someone

you know about a day that comes so wait

I just like messing with faith

how much do you have in this place

because it is overwhelming me with grace

and an unmistakable hate

for the man who only knows how to take

is a blessing for the man who only wants to give

so can we let go of this hate, not for our sake

we are losing in every way so how do we fight this shame

maybe with pain supporting our brains to withstand everyday

hard to say really bae but you are all I'm looking at today

can we finally meet in the back and tally this Sally

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