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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

let go of me

she has a slight fever

are you going to leave her


not like she is your best

making more of the rest

that comes with deaths

maybe less of a test

leave you feeling wet

confusion rocks your chest

she lives for you

he is more concerned

with numero uno

it will all come back round

at the end of this tombstone

being thrown around

what do you mean

I've been found

I don't think it helps anyone now

when you know your gold

but are treated as mold

is this getting old

I believe so

now you see my goal

I hope you can break their mold

show them the old

show them the new

show them the how-to

I think you don't know

your own name

let me remind you

of our name

it started with pain

filled your smile with tears

fear being dropped on top

of the cat-

walk down to the pier

at the end of that elementary year

oh dear


you touch my scars

and let them shine far and wide

was I supposed to betide

down to one day

when nothing will fade

no, I am here to stay

I did see that day

awaiting fate

it ended up coming too late

discussing its traits

what a waste of true faith

he accepts that he took the bate

am I someone to hate

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