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all of you

in me

constantly fighting

this is not frightening

my hands are lightning

more beautiful than that sighting

controlling every eye is our lies

say not what I despise

only what you realize

the pain is still in your eyes

can it be washed away

again and again, we must pray

on what might prey

is it the suffering

is it the wondering

who comes thundering




you are my light

bring you to me and hide

in the deepest heart of mind

and it will grow to the sky

in a glorious light

heaven be our eyes

messages from Jesus

at our side

and yours

and yours

and yours

coming back around now

love is our touch

barely tempted yah

no one can tell me different

from the one, you think interfering

it's Jesus beginning for his fearing

it's you he loves and is fearin'

tears of blood drop from eyes

that he touched

and released for us

to change in to such

a beautiful day breaking

in your eyes

there is Jesus christ

here is Jesus of our lives

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