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Jump on in, The Stream of Consciousness

Updated: May 18, 2020

My name is Myra Mihik, it means "beloved mist." I do not wish to get rid of my legal name. This name is only to bring me back to the center of my being. Much like Michael Gungor uses his given name Vishnu Dass, It is a name in love. If you want to make me really happy, call me by this name. It pulls my attention from the blur of existence to the all in all that makes up my body. To many, changing names is almost taboo. I just see the truest form of myself behind this name. I also feel I can leave behind my destructive habits and stories with the name Michael Colby Taylor. I also want to make clear that I'm not ashamed of my name or family in any way. The freedom that comes with this name, is the only reason I've decided to adopt Myra Mihik.

What can I fear from the stories of my past? I'm really asking. You can't change the past, it is set in stone, but you can look at the past through new eyes and see a new future. Life is in constant action never still long enough to get a clear picture of it. Think about atoms and how by observing an atom we make it real. what I mean is that atoms are in two places at the same time, but when you observe this it finds itself in a single place making it tangible. Reflecting at a microscopic level, how nothing is tangible unless it is in view. If you don't look to the past, there is no past. If you don't look to the future, there is no future. We are all about, how we see our surroundings. Who I Am is up to you. Find me tucked away from your view until you look at me through two, but one always ensues, to be our tomb.

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