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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

sad little boy

don't get down

one day you'll see enough around town

to figure out what it's all about

take your time now

shouldn't rush these clowns

one day they'll be in the way

taking what you're willing to say

for some ridiculous pay

but hey I'll be sitting here

no place to fear

I don't need money for my years

I'm putting them in till I run out of tears

crashing by the pier

crashing against the poles

stuck boldly in place

holding everything

within its measuring

up to be a great awakening

that takes its place

when trying to make haste

my men ain't gonna play

it ends today

hopefully anyway

Find me like Gazerbeam

dead and in a cave

meditating my life away

I can't stand to see you

throw it all away

I never wanted to be you

can you find me a way

out of this grace

doubt it

you'll be wishing

I had never quite

you'll be wishing

for savages to

take your wolf pack and bitch

set aside so you can drip from your wrist

I've got drip to

it just might be a little redder dude

than this tooth

spitting cereal loops

fruity like me

what you really gonna do

I think you're split in two

you and me

finding we can be

with one another

in perfect harmony

covered in emotion and pain

but peace will stay within my brain

pulling the brakes on my train

of thought that leads me to it all

saw you coming from the mall

did you finally find the gal

to punch me in the jaw

I've been dying for this y'all

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