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Loose grip

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Your taste is still on my lips

seeing everything you sit

paying the price for your accession

I rinse then spit

watching an old hit

from God’s watch list

it has come to exist

breathing in light

I imagine your eyes

so close to mine

we can see behind

the love comes

forth from the core

poring out the sour

source of all of course

Beauty, you take me on a trip

flying in this mist our lips kiss

death in the midst of the breast

beating out my chest lost in the next

love through the mess

tangled in your best

open-ended feelings send me spinning

through minds defined by the grip on nine

kind signs of the end of time

slowing the slime slipping inside the grind

of the mountainside running back to the sea

as fast as he can without a plan

we stand tall through a guise

keeping a tight hold on her neck

so she maybe can breathe in her sleep

not below my feet I beg and plead

for her to see me

only able to meet in our sleep

one day I'll be with you God

only me and you

girl, we'll be free

to be with each beat

like the moment is fleeting

down the street away from me

so I stay seated


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