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Me too

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

being rushed to the stage

is not the way

I'll take my time

and make myself pay

one is the number bleed

red unlike you who bleeds threads

fraying of the tapestry

life in Me

this is a catastrophe

can't you see

the sea in you

the ocean that is split in two

the world is coming to

ahead of the game

but still under the reign

of him who deserving all that fame

faithful praise

thrown away

in the midst of a rainy day

surrounded by all this clay

ready for me to play


and find new mates to fill my days

with purple strain

haunting our brains

poring out the flames

of existing

onto the head of my guru Vishnu

learning of new foods

that bless the tongue with flavor

is this more than you came for

predict what is about to ensue

before you come to

find I've been through

with what to do

I just let it do

just being you

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