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metal in the dark arts

just to give your heart a kiss

full of sinful reasoning

don't undersell dell

it's the only thing I can use to send mail

when you get this let me know

I'll be sitting waiting wishing

for your hand

only to be disappointed by your man

taking his life with the sky

see straight

thank God finally a break

only for thy sake

can I make a better day

out of the same clay

in my bones today

stop ducking my needs

understand me, please

I need your attention

look at me

need me

frame me for the same crime

that got you stuck here in the first place

take me away from me

he has spent to much time observing what is right

not enough time on what is the sight

that control our lies

maybe you are too scared to deny

the one among us who fills our lungs with air

fills our eyes with light to bright to fight

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