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My Love

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

your beauty is worth your suffering

what can I do to change that for you

the pain and aches you feel are with me still

you know I’ll love you till

we find the end of time slipping by

night after night

I cry for someone to save me from this light

So bright it hurts my darkened eyes

rise, the ones who don’t want to fight

lets lay our life down to stop the fight

love each other through the fight

hate the evil in this side of the fight

if it’s not two-sided there is no fight

holding both sides in my hand

I asked them if they understood the

they looked confused

as we raised our plans up to God

who is altogether a better stand

I need some air

I can breathe in her

Dying to meet here

I heard it better than my fears

help me see your tiers

ranking all of your friends

that comes near

siring pain

ends the sane play

now I’m on to your phase

actin’ like you want to play

you really think it’s a phase

this is my final play

for the team in the last place

you think I would say

don’t say I’ve forsaken

life is in a spiral

taking our kind into a new

speaking of

have you seen the news

it‘s sorrowful

filled with the cardinal

sin attacks my hens

roosting up for the weekend

made a few classics

but still haven’t found the magic

I'm looking everywhere there is static

run from the monsters in your attic

God forbid, you face your own racket

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