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My Name in Love: Myra Mihik

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

do you want to know me

then come to hold me

find me in the waves

coated in a blaze

brighter than I think

This is not a phase

I Am The Way

never has there been

a truer phrase

praised by all these days

please don't be afraid

trust yourself

to hold tight to the flame

burning out the frames

that holds our pain

sssso damn happy

am I supposed to be laughing

what do you want beloved

I'll be that for you

holding your hand

for more than some food

proving I'm not a prude

that I can ensue

and be left behind

by pride and my reason why

just trying to find a reason to lie

haven't seen one yet

This will always be a test

I'm not to strung out

on stress and death

kissing my lips

tasting like Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

you must think I'm bluffing

I'll still be here standing

when you finally find your husband

hope he's a good man

I'll still be here standing

just trying to get a tan

from the light

you are emitting

covers me completely

waiting to wait

on all my mistakes

that never seems to be late

always finding their place

inside my love race

to see who can give more grace

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