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Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I’ve been going crazy, not having a outlet! I’m gonna start to schedule my music around my writing time. Enjoy mayb!

here so show me your fears

and I‘ll make them appear

dear reader I’m sorry for my tears

I know you don’t want to see me here

queer is my life made into a word

what have you heard

I am the first and last

fast track that line

so I can prove my Devine

intervention is deep in your mentions

now stop sending them

we die when they did

after war begins

if your askin’

I’m backin’ the black man

standing with that hand

breaking the neck of justice

just to see some substance

comes to kill me with the wrong sins

can they be right when

you do it for lovein’ us

then why don’t you just

hug your mom in trust

fuss with my flush

trying to call the right wrong

but that is only this song

singing to long to know

where you have gone

space is my place to hold your grace

but some take advantage of this taste I’ll teach you how to train the pain

same as your breathing is suffering

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