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Pace yourself

That dope gave me a heavy hope

like pound on pound

is held around my neck right now

until it comes back out to cut your count

of the wrongs we did this is it

sitin’ on your knee

that’s just me

thinking about how simple

it use to be simply the love of beauty

touchy about who gooey

lucky when you touch me

watch me pull off on watch

clock me with that shot

put me up on God

he‘ll carry me to prog

and find a little frog

who knows not what is wrong

but he knows the song

sounding a little to long

to be adding in that gong

fire up the bong

I’m writing another song

choaking on your dong

cause I’m a slut

and deep in the cut

digging in your guts

to find the happiness that is sad

but not as bad ass that class

teaching you how to get passed

the glamour in my eyes

i don’t think you know I’m alone at night

but sometimes you come to see me alive

but you have always lied

is this not what you decide

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