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Pain is the Name, never Gonna Be the same

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

not comparing

sharing in the less appealing

so not to stare

Feeling fear engulfs my very brain, try to rethink my judgment for me alone losing grip of what really fills my head. Shedding no fears, only tears feel like they cool me down, finally seeing strait, open the gate to what is late, to what need be said, to what I said in you, all I can say is sorry, and thank you. This is to me not to you, This is for more than me. Soon you'll see why I stand here speaking within the purpose, within nothing, within us. Sit back I'll explain the trip to my feet, as I take a seat. How we got here is up to you, not to soon you'll reach the moon. Too soon is never late, but only for your sake. Naked as I fake it to the very end. Strong hands embraced by grace that is only based in this place, in this space, please stay with me a little longer. Don't let me fall on the sword to save my case, or raise a sword to me and myself.

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