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said Anyway

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

been staying late

crying fate

begging for a date

maybe we can go see the pavement

in the back of this place

luckin' out on my tape

showin' all my shapes

shining out all the fakes

tasting all the greats

raking in all this cake

tasting unbaked

sloppy foreplay

got me snoring during the day

you came to say hey

you're really about the pay

maybe I should have said to

come to me with that

don't need that

in fact, I am that

sorry to replace your disease

with something so weak


under control

you think you know me

I'll be out at sea

flying on the back of my shark Key

on my way to the Keys to find my niece

brought back in the sheets

at the bottom of the trees

covering my deeds

crossing the team

just to be me

unlike my feet

their just a part of my heart

that beats me senseless

still not impressed

maybe you should invest

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