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Same Mind

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

pain rushing out the wound

taken from protecting

no one deserves this

but here we are

same old mind

unable to find

what you've taken

or what your thinkin'

what is really going on

staying cool with cons

only known by my calm

falling down too see

same old time

unable to find

what you've taken

or if your fakin'

shame I lost my tie

hopefully, it found the right guy


hopefully, we will see your might

please don't grip too tight

hard enough to feel all right

same old line

unable to fine

what your thinkin'

or if your fakin'

so many lives at stake

got to get through your shape

it's too beautiful to loop

just trying to find what's next

unable to find anything suitable

just laughable

uncraftable lines

appear from behind

signaling the end of time

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